Dreamweaver Spry Prerelease 1.6.1(更新)

Spry Update Extension for Dreamweaver CS4

This version is compatible with Dreamweaver CS4 only. Dreamweaver CS4 ships with Spry 1.6.1 by default. This extension can be used for those CS4 users that upgraded from CS3 and have not updated their Spry site files. It contains options for the new Spry widgets in Dreamweaver CS4. It removes the code hinting files since CS4 now has dynamic javascript code hinting. This download does not add any additional functionality to the product other than the Spry Updater command (Site > Spry Updater…).


Spry Update Extension for Dreamweaver CS3

This extension updates Dreamweaver CS3 to use the Spry 1.6.1 assets for its current features. The extension also updates code hinting and code coloring to reflect the latest updates in Spry 1.6.1. The Spry Updater includes a command that provides the ability to update the Spry assets in your site(s). This extension only updates existing Spry files in Dreamweaver CS3 and those used in your sites. It does not add any additional functionality (widgets, etc) to the product.